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How to take care of your sex toys

Learn How to Take Care of Your Sex Toys

Sex toys add so much to your love-making so it’s important to look after them and to learn how to keep them clean.

The last thing you want to do after having great sex is to worry about cleaning and disinfecting your toys so clean them the next morning!

By disinfecting your toys in between using them at different times, you are protecting yourself and your partner. Here’s why!!The vagina has its own population of thousands of bacteria and fungi which can hitch a ride on your sex toy.

Usually they pose no threat. If however you have an STD or a vaginal infection its possible that some of those bugs can cause an infection.

When your infection is cleared up and you start to use the toy again it can start your infection all over again unless you clean and disinfect it.

If your sex toy is porous these bacteria and fungi will have found little homes in the tiny crevasses or tiny holes in your toy, and they divide rapidly forming colonies.

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Inside the anus it harbors many different types of bacteria. Some of these are good bacteria and some of them bad ones, depending where they end up.

If it is a sex toy you use for both these places, even in your own body, you have risks too as the rectum is used to all kinds of bacteria that your vagina is not used to.

Should any be used in the mouth the risks are even greater. You want to fun right? Then it’s best to look after your toys, as some bacteria can live on surfaces for days and even months even if your toy is wet or dry.

If you wait too long to clean and disinfect your toy bacteria can form biofilms which makes these bugs difficult to remove.
Not everybody knows how to clean a sex toy. It is important to read the directions, and to find out what it is made of.

Without getting too technical, cleaning makes something look clean, but something that looks clean can still harbour unseen bacteria, so you need to disinfect the toy as well


General Rules on How to Sterilize Toys

After cleaning with soap and warm water, boil the toy if the toy is made of a material than can withstand boiling eg stainless steel, or wipe them carefully with a good antibacterial wipe such as Clinell, or another type of hospital-grade wipe which is preferably alcohol-free. Simply wipe and let air dry, then rinse and dry.

If you want to use a bleach solution always make sure that you clean your toy before using bleach as bleach does not disinfect surfaces that have soiled matter on them.

A condom can be used to cover a toy for easy clean-up later, or if the toy is being used by more than one person, or if being moved from anus to mouth or vagina.

Never insert a sex toy (or finger! or anything else!) in the mouth or vagina if it has been used in the anus without a condom or without being washed properly.

This could spread bacteria and viruses from the anus and cause infections in the vagina, urinary tract or intestines. If a condom was used with the sex toy, replace the condom with a new one before inserting into a different orifice.

We know it’s easy to get carried away and lose track of which toy, finger or other object went into which hole, but this is best practice for safety, so make it part of your playtime habits.



    Try not to share your sex toys

    Find out what your sex toy is made of

    Motors can be difficult. If your sex toy has a motor in it wipe it with an antibacterial wipe, that cleans and disinfects in one step, or spray lightly with an antibacterial, non-corrosive solution and wipe off.


    How to take care of your sex toys

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    How to Clean Silicone Toys

    If your toy is made of silicone and there is no motor, you can clean it with soap and water and then boil for 5 minutes. Remember never to use silicone-based lube with a silicone toy as this lube will corrode your toy.


    How to Clean Glass Toys

    Glass toys should be cleaned with soap and water and then boiled for 5 minutes.


    How to Clean Wood Toys

    Wooden toys are best cleaned with soap and water and then wiped with an ant-bacterial wipe.


    How to Clean Vinyl Toys and Cloth Toys

    Nylon and Cloth are vegan-compatible materials used in harnesses and bondage toys. You can simply throw them in the washing machine. Use a lingerie bag to keep them from getting tangled and NEVER put them in the dryer.

    Your nylon will melt and your cloth harnesses will shrink!


    How to clean Pyrex Toys

    Toys made from pyrex can be cleaned first and then boiled for 5 minutes


    How to clean Mechanical Toys

    If your toy makes noises, or has some mechanical activation, don’t boil it! Just use an antibacterial wipe.


    How To Clean Cyberskin

    Cyberskin and its kin (Superskin, PassionSkin, PleasureSkin, Pure Skin, basically anything with Skin in it, with a few exceptions) are all extremely porous. There’s no real way to sterilize them. It’s best to use them with a condom. They should be cleaned before and after with mild antibacterial soap and water.

    To maintain, dust them with cornstarch (not TALC) so they don’t become sticky.

    They should also be stored in a dark cool place.



    Remove batteries when not in use

    Store where there is no bacteria eg a ziplock bag or a special toy case which can be bought from Amazon. There are even toy boxes available that emit a uv light that while toys are stored. UV light kills bacteria.

    Make sure toys are completely dry when stored.

    Have fun!

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