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How to kink up your relationship – New ideas for couples in the bedroom

If your sex life has become a little dull you need to learn how to kink up your relationship.

Perhaps you have never experimented that much outside of the “Vanilla” basics then it may just be time to kink up your relationship.

Even though your sexual experiences may be fairly conservative perhaps you have had some kinky thoughts at times but never had the courage to try something new.

Those “kinky thoughts” are obviously going to vary from person to person, bearing in mind that for some people they may have only tried mild penetrative sex and at this stage may have even been reluctant to try oral sex, let alone sex toys or games, bondage, group sex, public sex or any other sexual option out there.

Just the thought of oral sex for some people is enough to make them gag or become nauseous and is definitely something that they regard as kinky sex.

They also think that oral sex is unclean. Yet; if they could overcome those feeling’s they will discover that oral sex can be equally as satisfying as penetrative sex.

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New ideas for couples in the bedroom

One great technique when experimenting with oral sex is to take a shower with your partner; taking turns to wash every part of their body (not just the genitals); followed by using your tongue to explore those same body parts.

If you use this as a joint way of enjoying each other’s body then you can eliminate those negative thoughts mentioned above and have some great sex as a result.

If you are someone that is way more sexually advanced than the initial example you can still be at a stage in your lovemaking when you want more satisfaction, or are keen to try something new.

If that is a description of you and/or your partner then let’s take a look at some of the things that may help you both.

One of the most fun ways of adding that extra kink is by using sex toys or sex games; use them of yourself, use them on your partner and/or use them on each other at the same time.

Vibrators, or Cock Rings that include a vibrate function have great appeal.


Anal play is something that is something that often polarizes people; some people have it way up on their bucket list, while others want nothing to do with it.

Many straight men are fascinated by anal play and if that is how it is with your partner then why not give it a go and experience how this can add to pleasure in your relationship.

If you are in a male same sex relationship and you want to know how to kink up your relationship, then you could get a double-ended dildo (known as a dong) and both get that anal stimulation at the same time.

If you are in female same sex relationship then you both have the choice of vaginal or anal penetration with your dong, giving you both an awesome number of options to enjoy.

For a same sex couple, you could get a strap on dildo so that she can penetrate him anally and for him, he and her can both use the dong at the same time for that joint anal stimulation.


Bondage is another topic that can polarize couples.

However, this can be done in a mild way initially so that the parties can learn to feel safe, comfortable and to enjoy this addition to their sex life.

You could try out stretchy ties, or loose satin ties so that the person who is restrained can be released easily and quickly without becoming anxious or suffering from panic.

While restrained you could try things such as nipple rings or clamps, or for him things such as suction pumps to use on his penis.

Some people get off on having melted wax poured over them for stimulation.


Basically; anything you may have seen on any video movie or clip are things that you could explore to up the ante in the bedroom.

If you need a little stimulation or enhancement to get your horny, try out some spanish fly drops or indian god lotion.

Of course, sex doesn’t always have to be in a bedroom, or a structure for that matter.

Some people really get off by having public sex, often with other people watching or even joining in with them.

You would need to be very careful as well as mindful that you are not on view of anyone who may be offended.

However, that whole element of danger associated with public sex is a hug turn on for some.

Perhaps you could even start your own Podcast and discuss your own sex life as a way of learning how to kink up your relationship, getting even more stimulation and excitement into your love life.

These are a just a few ideas. The main thing is, if you have fantasies or fears don’t let them run your sex life. You need to explore these things and take control from them so that your sex life if fulfilling and exciting for you and your partner.

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