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healthy relationships

Build Better Relationships – How can i develop a healthy sex life? Have you tried Cock Pumping?

One’s sexual life does not have and should never be boring in marriage.

Even if you and your partner get older, you should still have the intimacy that you’ve felt when you first met each other.

If you are a man, your sex life should feel amazing as the years go by. After all, you already know what she likes, her preferences, and the things that she dislikes in bed.

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Valentines Day

How to find a Valentine’s Day gift idea without breaking the bank

Its Valentine’s Day again; 14 February is a date we all seem to remember yet we don’t always seem to know what to buy our loved one, or even worse, we choose the wrong thing.

The most important thing is that Valentine’s Day should be about expressing your love for that special person.

Here are some items that may just say “I Love You” in a way you haven’t done so before.

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millennial generation

Why the millennial generation no longer has sex

Every generation is given a name, for example; The Silent Generation (born 1928 – 1945), Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964), Gen X (1965 – 1980), Gen Y (1981 – 1996; also known as Millennial’s) and Gen Z (1997 – present; also known as Post Millennial’s).

This Blog article is going to focus on the Millennial’s as there has been a lot of studies and talk about them and their sex lives in particular over the past couple of years.

There is a misconception that Millennial’s are selfish, lazy, entitled, self-centered and complainers; and that just isn’t true. Every generation has traits and characteristics, both positive and negative. What appears to be happening with their sex lives isn’t really to do with those other misconceptions.

Fear not all those Millennial’s out there; you are not being banished to a life without sex. However, there are some definite things happening to the sex lives of the Millennial’s that we want to highlight as well as suggestions for how to make their sex lives better.

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Why Sex Toys & Sex Aids have a place in your relationship

Why Sex Toys & Sex Aids Have a Place in Your Relationship

So how is your sex life right now?

That good; really?

If I get you to describe your sex life in detail is it going to be like a raunchy porn site?

No; I thought not.

If we are real about it at some point in time most of us have been at the stage in our sex life where we have got into a set routine. Often that routine has been fairly routine or “Vanilla” but we would be way too embarrassed to necessarily agree with that statement or to share those thoughts with others.

We would also probably be too embarrassed to discuss any curiosity or our thoughts about Sex Toys or Sex Aids.

However why shouldn’t you discuss sexual fantasies with your partner whether you are straight, gay, bisexual, bi-curious, a swinger, or even a virgin.

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Why is talking about Dildos still Taboo with many people

Why is talking about Dildo’s still Taboo with many people?

Here we are in 2019 and discussing Dildo’s still seems to be Taboo for so many people. Why is that?

Way back in the mid-90’s I was watching a show on TV called “SEX”. My parents were staying with me and thought they would watch it too for a laugh. Out of nowhere my Mother launches; “I can understand what two gay men do for sex; they have something to use and somewhere to put it”. Highly technical there Mum, I thought to myself. (LOL).

Then she continued; “… but what do lesbians do? How do they have sex?”. My Father looked at me and with great handball skills said; “I will leave it for you to answer that one”. Gee thanks Dad (LOL).

I proceeded to explain to her that they could use a Vibrator or a Dildo. I could see my Father trying to control his emotions and to this day I am not certain even he knew that.

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Valentines Day

Valentines Day – All Year Round

Valentine’s Day is February 14th and if you have that special someone then you may already have your own special way of celebrating romance with them.

It’s funny; I have heard plenty of people over the years protest that it is “just a waste of money; it’s a commercial thing; Valentine’s Day should be all year round”. I certainly agree that it should be all year round; after all, can there really be too much genuine romance if you truly love your partner?

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How Mindfulness Can Help You

How Mindfulness Can Help You Have A Better Sex Life

Many great guides and relationship advice sources are out there but often their content is skewed more towards Heterosexual relationships so we are attempting here to present information that covers many sexual orientations.

Our brain can be our greatest hindrance when it comes to sex; in particular in relation to body image, genital size, ignorance, sexual performance expectations, arousal, masturbation, religion and upbringing pressures, guilt and fear to name a few examples.

However, we can also use our brain through Mindfulness exercises that can help overcome sexual relationship and performance issues as well as improving your sexual well-being and your sex life overall.

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why do guys take so long to text back

Why do guys take so long to text back?

Sometimes there could be another reason to answer the question “why do guys take so long to text back” They aren’t playing mind games or are just busy.

They make be checking you out on Facebook or Instagram!

A recent survey from 2016 showed that more then 90 percent of young adults admitted to researching there partner or someone they are dating online. If it was before a first date a staggering 91% percent of people admitted to researching about the person on Facebook or Google before they went on the first date.

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