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How Mindfulness Can Help You

How Mindfulness Can Help You Have A Better Sex Life

Many great guides and relationship advice sources are out there but often their content is skewed more towards Heterosexual relationships so we are attempting here to present information that covers many sexual orientations.

Our brain can be our greatest hindrance when it comes to sex; in particular in relation to body image, genital size, ignorance, sexual performance expectations, arousal, masturbation, religion and upbringing pressures, guilt and fear to name a few examples.

However, we can also use our brain through Mindfulness exercises that can help overcome sexual relationship and performance issues as well as improving your sexual well-being and your sex life overall.

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why do guys take so long to text back

Why do guys take so long to text back?

Sometimes there could be another reason to answer the question “why do guys take so long to text back” They aren’t playing mind games or are just busy.

They make be checking you out on Facebook or Instagram!

A recent survey from 2016 showed that more then 90 percent of young adults admitted to researching there partner or someone they are dating online. If it was before a first date a staggering 91% percent of people admitted to researching about the person on Facebook or Google before they went on the first date.

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