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The best 4 prostate g-spot massagers

The Best 4 Anal Prostate Massagers and G-Spot Sex Toys to Buy Online

All men have a prostate gland that can only be reached only through the anus, unless you are sounding and thats a whole different story. The best thing about your prostate is it’s common to be able to climax when it’s massaged, without even touching your erect cock!

Enjoying this type of stimulation doesn’t make you gay; the prostate is simply one more pleasure spot on your body. For some, anal play is the ultimate turn on; others may see it as gross and disgusting.

Whatever your views are on anal, there’s little doubt of its popularity: according to the latest stats, 40 to 55 percent of the heterosexual population admit to indulging.

So what’s the big turn on?

Scientists now acknowledge the anus as a prime erogenous zone with many sensitive tissues. The fact is there are thousands of sensitive nerve endings in and around it. It is a way to reach the prostate gland for men which is also know as the male g-spot, and in women because of indirect clitoral stimulation.

With the right approach, anal and prostate play of all kinds can be pleasurable with the right amount of trust. It’s also an intimate act, one that typically requires a strong mutual connection. But the thing is, if you are not prepared anal sex it can hurt.

  • So what can you do to make the sexual act of anal sex more pleasurable?
  • Some people are still thinking things such as how do you keep things hygienic?
  • How do you bring it up with your partner?

These are important questions which you should be talking about with your significant other.

Wondering where to begin your search? Here’s a roundup of anal prostate massage toys you can buy online now.




Best for the First Time: Restless Rattle Prostate Massager

Made of smooth silicone, it’s soft to the touch and slightly bendy, which makes it very comfortable. With some water-based lube, it slides in easily.

Rattle your senses with this prostate massager, it is anatomically designed as the restless rattle goes in easy (with lube of course) and delivers a killer sensation.

Uses 2 x N (DC1.5V) size alkaline batteries. (Not included)

  • Length: 7.5″ (19cm)
  • Powerful Vibrating Bullet Tip
  • Noduled Shaft
  • Guaranteed Waterproof
  • Dynamic rhythms


Best Value: Prostate Pleasures Scorpion 10 Functions

Just the right size for beginners, and with different settings there’s something every man can enjoy. This will feel incredible and will make you come really hard. This will become your best bum buddy ever!

With smooth rumpled ridges this prostate massager gives a profound teasing sensation when entering and on withdrawal.

Experience new thrills! This massager is anatomically designed to give you the most orgasmic sensation as it brings you to the ultimate climax, it comes with a powerful vibrating bullet tip and noduled shaft.


Best Snug Fit: Anal Plug Prostate Specialist

The great thing about this toy is you can heat it in warm water or cool it in the fridge for extra sensations. It isn’t in the cheap range, but if anal prostate play is really your thing it’s a toy that will serve you well with hours of pleasure and mind blowing orgasms.

The butt plus in black is an 11 cm (4.5”) waterproof vibrating prostate massager. This is suited if you are proactive with prostate health and massage as this toy helps you do things beyond what you can only do on your own. We definitely recommend giving it a try.

  • 10 Vibration Settings
  • 100% silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Easy on and off button


Best Overall: Prostate Invader Anal Orgasm for Men

Of course, toys make the prostate easier to find and are custom-built for maximum pleasure. If you’re curious and want to try something inexpensive, this is a great budget option for a prostate

The prostate invader comes with a plug ring for easy control, it is odourless, water repellent and heat stable. It is very easy to operate and definitely hits the right spots.

This prostate massager is perfectly adapted to the male anatomy, and in particular encourages the prostate with its stimulating form as it creates a stronger orgasm for men.

  • Material: 100% Silicone
  • Size: 3.5″/9cm long
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