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being pansexual

Being Pansexual – The Best 11 Sex Toys For The Pansexual Community

Being pansexual can be tough for all of us, having to explain it people and you may feel that you only feel like you belong withing the pansexual community.

If you have started pansexual dating you may be thinking who and what you like.

To fancy or not to fancy that is the question.

Every relationship no matter who you are always starts with the same dilemma.

How do you know if you are 100% into a person regardless of gender.

How will you know if they are also 100% into you?

There will always be clues to help you out.

All your friends have crushes and you fell like you want one too!

Don’t let you mind get carried away, don’t worry there is no rush.

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Try to get to know the person more, make a list of reasons why you like them and listed to the way your body reacts when you are with them.

If you have arranged to meet and your overcome with nerves after you agree you both like each other.

Remember, its ok to have doubts.

On the first date try to not let your hormones control you, be in control.

Anything can happen after a date, be in control and start small.

Touching hands, lightly touching their waist.

When being pansexual you get to decide your level of intimacy and its normal to go past a few stolen kisses.

The trust you develop will decide when and you feel comfortable with messing around, touhcing kissing and touching more intimately.


What is the Pansexual symbol?

pansexual symbol

The symbol for pansexuality is a symbol that combines the male, female and transgender symbols into one.


Being Pansexual – What is the meaning of Pansexual

Being pansexual means not seeing or associating sexual attraction to a gender. Where bisexual people are sexually attracted to male, female, trans and non binary, a pansexual will work on the vibes of a person they they like, regardless of gender. Pansexuals tend to see more than two genders and believe that gender can be plotted on different areas of a longer spectrum.


Pansexual flag emoji copy and paste

Look now further, we have created a pansexual emoji copy and paste section so you can use it in your favorite chat programs like telegram, discord or whatsapp.

Just right click on the image and save it to your computer then upload it to your favorite chat program.

pansexual emoji


Being Pansexual – The best 11 sex toys for the Pansexual community

Dolfinger Tickler – Sex Toy Vibrator for Pansexual Couples

Dolfinger Tickler – Sex Toy Vibrator for Vaginal Play


When you are with someone you like chances are you will discover different stages of intensities of pleasure with them.

When you a couple you should try something both of you can enjoy.

Never force it when being pansexual and allow pleasure to come naturally.

Try the Dolfinger Tickler which is a vibrator sex toy with multiple functions, it is enclosed in a hypoallergenic silicone pouch that can be worn on the finger.

Get this toy. Whether for you, your lover, an openminded family member, wedding gift, solo or partnered just Get IT! You’ll be glad you did. It’s powerful, durable, smooth as silk, the perfect shape and size, and will work with both men and women.

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Naughty Craft Vibrator – Penis Sex Toy Vibrator for Pansexual Couples

Naughty Craft Vibrator – Penis Sex Toy Vibrator for Vaginal Play


Every person has different sexual feelings and pleasure can change with each opportunity and moment.

There are different levels of pleasure you can engage in to achieve more sexual feelings, until you both climax and orgasm.

Try one of out premium vibrators with a digital easy to use control panel. This toy can bring someone to orgasm within two minutes easily, if not sooner.

This is the perfect toy for any of the younger women who need the look as well as the feel. It’s not too big, not too small. To get the vibrations you need on this vibe bullet you can fine tune the digital controls, you can have the fastest speed, the lowest speed, and everything in between.

Size: 6 Inches

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Cockring Mojo Minotaur Vibrating Bullet | Mini Clitoral Sex, Penis Vibrator for Pansexual Couples

Cockring Mojo Minotaur Vibrating Bullet | Mini Clitoral Sex, Penis Vibrator


If you are thinking am I pansexual or demisexual?

Try and put less focus on your label and put more focus on your sexual pleasure.

To experience pleasure you need to be in a mood to enjoy yourself and to experiment.

Pleasure is not an exact science.

What had you handing from the rafters before might not do anything for you the next time.

Thy this unique cock ring which is made of 100% silicone and is phthalate-free, containing no toxic materials. This vibrating cock ring has a minotaur head and soft horns.

Well all we can say is WOW. You and your partner will both pleasantly surprised with this cocking and the power this guy has. The vibration is incredibly strong and definitely adds to the experience.

The multi speed settings on this toy are awesome and a nice change from lesser models. The sleek solid design makes for easy cleanup. Whether you are using it for solo or partnered play, it is sure to be a winner! If you have any doubts, put them aside and take the chance.

Composition: Abs-Silicone / Abs-Silicon

  • 7 vibration modes
  • Battery: 3x LR44
  • 3.5cm long and the inner diameter is 3cm

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Cockring Clitoral Commander | Ribbed Tongue, Penis Vibrator Bullet

Cockring Clitoral Commander | Ribbed Tongue, Penis Vibrator Bullet


In order to know what you find most pleasurable you need to experience with yourself.

When being pansexual discovering your own body isn’t just about knowing what you like, its also about sensitivity where you feel more intensely.

You should try out a vibrating cock ring.

Once this vibrating cock ring is turned on it has several vibration settings. The way its curved helps to put pressure in all the right places and it lays comfortably between you and your partner.

The different vibration modes gives you plenty of options depending on what your looking for!

Overall we would definitely suggest this product to anyone looking for a quality sex aid.

  • Hygienic silicone ring
  • Nubby clit and ball ticklers
  • 2 Strong pulsating bullet vibrators

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Rabbit Pearl Bird Bead G Spot Vibrator Sex Toy For Pansexual Relationships

Rabbit Pearl Bird Bead G Spot Vibrator Sex Toy


Sex should be pleasurable if its not because of discomfort or pain its probably best to wait for another day.

For women getting to a climax is not easy, the best ones don’t come right away.

This vibrator gets the job done and then some, these can also be used all over the body, such as on the clit or nipples. The same goes for the ridges of the shaft, which feel great pushed against the skin, sending intense massaging vibrations wherever you desire.

Its got a great feel to it and is not loud at all, the vibration patterns are easy to operate in the heat of the moment, so bounce into orgasm action with one of our most popular rabbit vibrators.

This vibrator is crafted to a high standard in safe, hygienic conditions using hypoallergenic, body-safe materials.

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Passionate Dolphin Pearls Bead G Spot Vibrator Sex Toy for Pansexual Lovers

NEW Passionate Dolphin Pearls Bead G Spot Vibrator Sex Toy


There are many points on the female genitals capable of giving pleasure.

Being pansexual when dating the preconception that very sexual experience between partners has to end in a shared orgasm means some girls end up faking something they don’t feel.

Try this vibrator which is made from soft silicone with the pleasing benefits of rotating balls, a contoured head and vibrating rabbit ears. In the shaft you’ll discover rows of beads that turn and gyrate as the shaft rotates.

Both swirling rotations and vibrating speeds are independently controlled, meaning you can use the vibrator as a G-spot vibrator, we recommend this to any woman ever, or any person who likes enjoying themselves!

You can switch on the dolphin, making its tip vibrate with the click of a button. It’s completely waterproof as well, so you can take it into the shower or bath for some wet and wild fun!

  • Height: 8.27″(212mm)
  • Insertable: 4.41″(112mm)
  • Diameter: 1.26″(32mm)
  • Weight: 180g

Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)

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Xtravibe Pearl Strap On G Spot Vibrator Sex Toy For Pansexuals

NEW Xtravibe Pearl Strap On G Spot Vibrator Sex Toy

If you ejaculate while masturbating it will probably happen when you reach orgasm with somebody else too.

Just think there are lots of pansexual girls who try and ejaculate and can never manage it.

Being pansexual have you thought about trying a strap on vibrator?

The sturdy harness holds a removable realistic strap on vibrator stimulating the vagina with an internal pearl head rotation. This 7.5 inch dildo is filled with gorgeously gratifying rotating pearls so you are free to experiment with the Xtra vibe in any way you please.

The Xtra vibe rotating strap on also includes a removable vibrating egg positioned to simultaneously stimulate the wearer. The independent controls allow you to turn on either the g-spot or clitoral vibration. This vibrator is a textured toy that will deliver climaxes that will keep you coming back for more.

The harness is adjustable to fit up to size 16 (approx. 104 cm waist).

  • Length: 16cm
  • Width: 4cm
  • Noise Level: Quiet

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Realistic Vagina | Port A Muff Vibrating Masturbation Sex Toy

Realistic Vagina | Port A Muff Vibrating Masturbation Sex Toy


You probably wont reach and orgasm the first time you have sex or even when you begin to masturbate.

The best way to get this level of pleasure is to explore with yourself.

The best way for pansexual or demisexual men to do this is with a masturbation sex toy.

This item, while not feeling completely like a vagina is much closer to the feel of a vagina than your hand. It has a fairly tight grip and good suction action, depending on the length and girth of the user. It can take hard penetration and it is fashioned from a highly realistic, flesh-like material.

The porta muff is controlled by an easy to use hi-lo speed dial and runs on 2 x ‘AAA’ batteries.

Length: 7 inches

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Kabuki Nights Big Squeeze Vibrating Realistic Vagina

Kabuki Nights Big Squeeze Vibrating Realistic Vagina


With practice you can learn to hold off on ejaculation, which will help you to experience a more pleasurable orgasm later.

To do this you need to recognize when you begin to climax and the best way to practice is with a fake vagina.

With this sex toy it has an inner surface which is filled with nodules and ribbed tunnels that provide intense stimulation. This realistic vagina made of ultra soft material has a Noduled S-tunnel and strong multi-speed bullet design for easy usage.

Shaped conveniently for easy handling and usage you have full control of this fleshlight type pocket masturbator. The exterior area of the masturbator is textured which makes the toy a whole lot easier to hold.

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Fake Vagina Masturbator | Robotic Mtxi Mouth Sex Toy

Fake Vagina Masturbator | Robotic Mtxi Mouth Sex Toy


For pansexual men slowing down the rhythm changing speed and breathing deeply can calming your thoughts will help you last longer without loosing an erection.

This high end male masturbation for pansexual couples that will train you to stop ejaculating to early.

The MTX 1 uses a powerful stroking motor and rotating pleasure beads to stroke and massage the penis in a way that simulates oral sex.

The artificial flesh feels almost too real, just make sure you add a water based lube inside the device. If your wife or girlfriend is not in the mood for intimate fun, this gadget will not let you down.

As one of the best selling fellatio stimulators, it has a remote control that allows you to adjust it to the perfect setting. It includes a convenient storage and travel case that keeps the unit clean and discreet when not in use.

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Fake Vagina | Fresh Innocence Vagina Sabrina Masturbation Sex Toy

Fake Vagina | Fresh Innocence Vagina Sabrina Masturbation Sex Toy


With the male orgasm it is generally associated with ejaculation, although these two things do now always happen at the same time.

Dealing with being pansexual, if you are anxious or stresses you may find you ejaculate without experiencing the amount of pleasure you were hoping to get.

This sex toy takes pleasure to a new level.

This sex toy has strategically placed ridges, curves and ribs to create arousal, intensity and increased pleasure for a realistic sensation. With some lubricant and the right grip you can reach an intense orgasm.

  • Internal length: 5.5 Inches
  • Material: Loveclone RX (TPR Rubber)
  • Non Toxic Phthalate Free

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