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Excellent quality

Quality of this is beyond what I expected. It has variable speeds and alternating vibrations and is totally waterproof and recharagble!

Very good product.

Durable, strong. Works as advertised

One of the best around

I am polyamorous with two very awesome partners. They both have worn this, and I had a lot of fun. It's not too slick, so the texture stays put on the right spots longer. I am so happy to be able to climax hands free.

Just a reliable erection ring

Works well... Easy to clean..


NEW Wrist Cuffs 4PCS w/ Suctions Pads - Bathroom Bondage Adult Sex Toy

Good product overall

This is a wonderful product for the price.

Amazing feel.

For the price you cannot beat it, good quality! I recommend using water based lubricant to use along with this love doll.

Five Stars

Product works well, another toy to add to the bedroom bin! Use with some lube.

It works exactly like It's supposed to

My hand gets tired of the pumping but the rest of me doesn't, got increase girth from this toy

Does the job and fits well

This item looks great and the fabric is very comfortable

Attractive strap

it does fit me pretty tight & therefore looks sexier then then other large size cock ring i have, my girlfriend says it looks kinky.

Yes mam

They are really short but if you're looking for something fun and attention grabbing then get it! My partner loves it.

Great Pleasure!

We really like it, me and my boyfriend get off when i sit on this, the dildo is a little bit too long for anal though.

Just a little more excitement!

It just needs some water-based lube and it will give you the greatest pleasure. If you are a seasoned practitioner like myself, then get creative and upgrade your gear.

10 out of 10

Does exactly what it says and feels just like the real thing!

You won't regret it

This is the best one I've tried so far, it's super soft and the inside feels as real as you can get. It is like the premium stroker, is have used this sitting, lying, standing and also in the bath!

Way better then i thought

Overall, this is a great addition to any man's sex life, and you will not regret buying it!

four stars

The inside of the toy is quite ribbed and it provides plenty of stimulation. This toy is amazing for you know what!

Realistic Pocket Pussy

You do need to be turned on in order for you to insert your manhood, and use lots of lube too! It is a perfect fit and feels so life like its crazy.

Very realistic

The inside of the toy is quite ribbed and it provides plenty of stimulation. I I have to say this toy is amazing, for the price I would strongly recommend it.

Love this stroker

I had no strokers or masturbation toys in my selection of toys, so I decided it was time to get one. This is definitely worth its money

Get you going

This thing really gets you going. It feels like the real thing I enjoy masturbating with it while my girlfriend watching

5 stars

A friend bought one for me on my birthday and it was really weird. It came in handy though as I had a great time with it. If you need some quick action then i would suggest this toy.


Great quality! Fast shipping! Lots of fun! I use this thing all the time..

fits comfortably

Once I got this out for a try I saw it was light in weight, which made me very happy. Also has a hole in the right spot for whatever "cums" out.

Fast delivery

Very easy to use. It came through the mail very quickly and in a discreet package, so i am happy.

Best masturbation toy i have ever purchase

These are so soft & comfortable! Even for a wiggle worm like me! My tool fitted in perfectly.


I do wish these were a little heavier but they feel very well made otherwise. I'm very happy with my purchase! 😉

Comfy and sensual

I've gotta say, I love how discreet the packaging is! But on to more important details. The inside pussy texture is so comfortable!

Beautiful design and good quality!

Wow - what an experience! I'm new to this kind of thing and have to say I absolutely loved it.

Lots of fun!!

Overall, it held up very well, and I enjoyed it. I took one star off due to looks, but I still enjoyed playtime with this toy

Thanks joe, enjoy the good times
i cant tell you how good these look and how good they feel

Hard to break and doesn't leave wrist burns from hardcore masturbation

Comfort and Kinky all in one

This game is holding up a lot better than some of the other games we have bought through the years. A lot of fun.

Very nice...

Me and my boyfriend love this game. If your looking for a great sex game to add to your collection look no further !!


The buckles are well made and easy to use. The chain and clip which hooks the cuffs together works well and is a pleasure to setup. I love these and would recommend them to people who are interested in light bondage.

Bought 2 just in case

These are comfortable and adjustable, they are big enough to my fit ankles.

soft and comfortable

Very comfortable, easily adjusted. Item arrived on time, i would recommend these to anyone.

Great cuffs

Wonderful cuffs and they fit very well and comfortably. It is pretty cheap plastic but I just used them as regular cuffs with some other toys.

Good quality

Makes any sex act a million times hotter, they didn't break during orgasm.

Gives my wife stamina. We both love it!

For the price you pay you get a bargain. Instead of buying one vibrator, this gives you a big supply of vibe and sleeves to play with.

Great product for the price

Well, If you are looking for something similar to the "real thing" in size, features and especially if you are an anal lover, you will be very happy with this dildo. The suction cup works on almost any surface.

I was scared but WOW

I gave this a try, we all know the male g spot is up the arse, I am not gay but i do get enjoyment from anal play. I gave this a try and was very impressed.

A little small but worth it

A little smaller than expected but gave it a good thrashing. Great if you use it right. Absolutely recommend for the pricing.

I have never had an orgasm like that before

I heard from a mate about a prostate massager when masturbating to increase the effects of your orgasm. I was a bit shy at first but got drunk one night and bought one online late at night. It arrive the in 4 days which i was stoked about. I use this sometimes to beat the meat, I cum in no time and let it run after i ejaculate to keep the orgasm going longer.

Really like the vibe

Gives a tremendous amount of power and the different vibe settings make me want more! My partner uses this on me all the time.

Arrived on time and in discreet packaging.

Arrived on time and in discreet packaging. I got this delivered to my work, all good, love the vibe settings.

Well worth it, a Valentine’s present for my girl and I.

Well worth it, a Valentine’s present for my girl and I. We had some fun for a few nights.

Great set of cuffs to tie my lady the the header board of the bed.

Great set of cuffs to tie my lady the the header board of the bed. Good quality and fast shipping.

Something out of this world in terms of pleasure.

Something out of this world in terms of pleasure. Instant satisfaction

Great product with a good set of toys to play with, enough toys for the wife to make it through t...

Great product with a good set of toys to play with, enough toys for the wife to make it through to the second round!