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kama sutra guide

Kama Sutra: The Ultimate Guide 2020 – Instructions for Incredible Sex

As you would have expected we are big on helping people have incredible sex and to help relationships that people love and deserve.

Your body is where you gather your physical and sensory information, it is your first point of reference for what feels great and keeps you feeling alive.

Through our passion to write and teach about people about sexuality you have found yourself here to discover your authentic self, both on your own or while connecting with your partner.

This post will guide you through new sexual experimentation, showing you how to create lasting transformations and the chance to try different things and to learn from each other through the experience.

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Rope Bondage: The Definitive Guide 2020

Rope bondage can be one of the most loving, sensual activities that you can replicate with you partner or even apply to threesomes.

The feel of the rope straddling over your hands as you prepare to truss up a submissive knot on your lovers skin as the excitement and tension grows.

Bondage and learning to tie rope is a dedication of trust as well as passion and the way it brings people closer together by putting love and lust at the front of your sexual desires.

Rope bondage can be the best way to spend time with your lover.

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the history of nipples

A Succinct History of Nipples

There were moments in history when showing off one’s nipples took pride and place in showing off one’s body, and could be variously adorned as a consequence.

There were also times when nipples had to be covered up, and even the belly button could not be shown at the beach. Even Marilyn Monroe could not show her belly button in her photo shoots on the beach.

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