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hens night

Do you need to plan a memorable hens night 2020?

Do you have your Hen’s Night or Bachelorette Party coming up? Perhaps you are organizing one on behalf of the future bride. Sometimes you may not know what is out there in the way of ideas, events, theming or even fun or novelty items to make things more interesting and memorable.

Sometimes the Mother-of-the-Bride or future Mother-in-law is at the party and the future bride chooses a conservative approach. Why? Those ladies were young once too and you can have fun things there including adult toys or novelty items without it actually being offensive. It should be a fun event.

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Valentines Day

How to find a Valentine’s Day gift idea without breaking the bank

Its Valentine’s Day again; 14 February is a date we all seem to remember yet we don’t always seem to know what to buy our loved one, or even worse, we choose the wrong thing.

The most important thing is that Valentine’s Day should be about expressing your love for that special person.

Here are some items that may just say “I Love You” in a way you haven’t done so before.

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millennial generation

Why the millennial generation no longer has sex

Every generation is given a name, for example; The Silent Generation (born 1928 – 1945), Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964), Gen X (1965 – 1980), Gen Y (1981 – 1996; also known as Millennial’s) and Gen Z (1997 – present; also known as Post Millennial’s).

This Blog article is going to focus on the Millennial’s as there has been a lot of studies and talk about them and their sex lives in particular over the past couple of years.

There is a misconception that Millennial’s are selfish, lazy, entitled, self-centered and complainers; and that just isn’t true. Every generation has traits and characteristics, both positive and negative. What appears to be happening with their sex lives isn’t really to do with those other misconceptions.

Fear not all those Millennial’s out there; you are not being banished to a life without sex. However, there are some definite things happening to the sex lives of the Millennial’s that we want to highlight as well as suggestions for how to make their sex lives better.

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